Economist: Electronic payment reduces corruption and controls the dollar in Iraq

Economist: Electronic payment reduces corruption and controls the dollar in Iraq

2023-01-18 01:48

Economist - Electronic payment reduces corruption and controls the dollar in IraqShafaq News/ The economist, Bassem Jamil Antoine, confirmed today, Wednesday, that electronic payment will reduce corruption and control the exchange rate of the dollar, while citizens considered that the process was unsuccessful in Iraq due to the poor living conditions of many of them.

Antoine said in an interview with Shafaq News agency, “Everything new that enters the citizen’s daily life encounters a kind of objection and resistance until they get used to it,” noting that “this situation requires operations before starting it, such as educating and educating the citizen about the importance of electronic payment, and awareness and media, especially Some citizens’ culture in this matter is considered simple.”

He added, “Although the process of starting electronic payment cards will be in the month of June, until the import of (POS) devices and (ATM) devices, there is also an option for cash payment that the citizen can use.”

And Antoine stressed that “electronic payment has one of the good advantages in its use, which is reducing errors in cash accounts, and it also protects people from the transmission of diseases, and reduces corruption, as it will impose control on the dollar when capitals are released and laundered, meaning that there will be control over them, and this matter is also It is used in almost all countries of the world.

For his part, the citizen, Hassan Hadi, said in an interview with Shafaq News agency, “Despite the electronic payment process, it is considered one of the banking development processes, which is what is in effect in the countries of the world, but it cannot be applied in a country like Iraq,” noting that “most of the citizens in Iraq are from The poor class, whose strength is on a daily basis, and therefore they do not have financial surpluses in order to fill the card with money to shop with it from shopping stores, restaurants, and other stores.

He added, “The banks in Iraq, whether governmental or private, are shrouded in many problems and administrative red tape that are difficult to deal with and issue such electronic payment cards.”

Yesterday, Tuesday (January 17, 2023), the Prime Minister issued several decisions, including activating the electronic payment process in all aspects of our lives, directing the Central Bank of Iraq to facilitate procedures for granting licenses for collecting bank cards using points of sale (POS), reducing commissions on banks and obligating All centers and shops of all kinds by opening bank accounts and providing point-of-sale devices for electronic payment.