Economic Researcher: Iraq will control future oil prices

On: Friday 5/18/2012 8:52

Baghdad (news) .. Expected economic researcher Hussein star, a quantum leap in the field of oil and energy in Iraq because of its huge oil reserves, noting that Iraq will control oil prices in the future. 
said the star (of the Agency news): There is a strong desire by oil-consuming countries, to buy Iraqi oil because of its advantages of high-quality and quality, especially oil facility in Basra, which began producing oil from the type of light, in addition to processing more easily to world markets.and between: that these features have made ​​the oil ministry successes good and important in terms of development of production and expansion oil ports, transmission lines strategic with neighboring countries, which would make Iraq an influential player in the market, the world’s oil. He added that Iraq today has oil reserves, a large, production capacity and export started to grow daily, according to the plan and the Oil Ministry, which indicates that Iraq is on the verge of a quantum leap in energy and oil in the coming years, and makes the world market watching Iraqi production, and Iraq will control oil prices by pumping large amounts or reduce. / End / 8. n. r /