Economic demands to postpone the parliamentary Tariff Act

07/05/2012 14:50

Erbil, May 7 / May (Rn) – The Economic Committee in the Iraqi Council of Representatives Monday to postpone the application of the Tariff Act because of its impact on the poor. and decided to Iraqi Finance recently activation of the Tariff Act in Iraq as of June next after Tagelin row. A member of the Economic Commission Aziz Mayahi In a statement distributed electronically to the media that the Iraqi government to stop the application of the Tariff Act and postponed. He said that low-income people will be affected if the law applied. He pointed out that the law should Ttabekaya after “improve the living situation of the Iraqi people because there will be a significant increase for many goods . ” and put the new law discriminatory tariff starts from zero and up to 30%. and the new law eliminates the Tariff Act issue by the former governor Paul Bremer and the subject of all goods imported into the discount rate of 5% in taxes. Murtaza Yousuf