During a meeting with the delegation of the World Bank .. Maliki: Iraq’s economy should not be dependent on oil of wills

Date: Monday 21/05/2012 14:08

Baghdad (news) .. Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki, the World Bank to support the Iraq experience and provide opportunities for the training of cadres that will contribute to the planning and management of the economy and development and moving the various sectors. 
said during a meeting with a delegation from the World Bank headed by Regional Director Hadi superstructure: should not that remains of the Iraqi economy, relying on the proceeds of only the oil, and we will invest our revenues from oil that meet the greatly increased development of other sectors in order to reach a diversified economy and a stable is not subject to the requirements of oil and gas prices, and continued: should be enacted in the sectors of agriculture, industry, tourism and others. For his part, expressed his Hadi upper willingness World Bank to support the needs of Iraq, including training and expertise to build a cohesive and strong economy, stressing the ability of Iraq to promote its economy and to benefit from oil revenues to diversify the Iraqi economy. / Finished / d. N /