Dollar sales must be monitored at the central bank for banking companies

Economist: dollar sales must be monitored at the central bank for banking companies to prevent money laundering

Date: 22/02/2013 12:46:33 Friday

Baghdad (news) .. Stressed the economic expert on behalf of Jamil, the importance of activating the regulatory agencies and the Anti-Money Laundering Directorate to monitor the foreign currency exchange sold by the Central Bank auction for banking companies to curb money laundering.
Jameel said (of the Agency news): Can not the central bank that meets all the needs of individuals and companies from foreign currency at the expense of the national economy and citizens, because the dollar when sold bank auction no one knows where distract you for development projects or to import consumer goods.

He added: You must tighten the broker companies and banks in the sale of hard currency, and activating the role of the Directorate of anti-money laundering and regulatory agencies and some of the ministries concerned to monitor aspects of this exchange large quantities n hard currency abroad to curb money laundering.

He noted: that the policy of the central bank is good, it is considered an independent institution charged under the law for the protection of foreign currency and maintain the stability of the national currency, it can not be such a policy to walk Bmzajiat companies and some people are away from the economy. / End / 8. N. P /