“Do Not Embarrass Us” .. A Parliamentary Bloc Sets 5 Conditions In Exchange For Attending The Saturday Session

“Do Not Embarrass Us” .. A Parliamentary Bloc Sets 5 Conditions In Exchange For Attending The Saturday Session


Do Not Embarrass Us .. A Parliamentary Bloc Sets 5 Conditions In Exchange For Attending The Saturday SessionEarth News/ Today, Friday, the “Voice of the Independents” bloc issued a statement regarding next Saturday’s session to vote on the President of the Republic.

The bloc said in a statement received by “Earth News”, “We, the representatives of the Voice of the Independents, focused our efforts to work as a positive opposition for the sustainability of the democratic process in our dear country to serve our people, and this was evident through our real presence in all previous parliament sessions and our clear and effective oversight role in the field Service work or social contact with citizens.

She added, “As for the attempt of some to complicate the situation and make the independent representatives in an embarrassing position regarding attending the presidential election session next Saturday, so that the participation of the independents in the session or not participating becomes the criterion for betraying the homeland and the people or not, this contradicts the truth and is an attempt to break the jar in the head of the independent representatives.” And those who are closer to the people and the homeland, not betraying it!!!, as if the situation was portrayed as saying that there is no third solution that guarantees the national interest with sincerity and sincerity other than our presence.”

The statement continued, and therefore, from the logic of the responsibility that we have borne by the Iraqi people and to clarify the clear positions to us, our attendance at the next session requires the political parties to present the public interest in a real way and to accept our empowerment of the tools of opposition and real control, represented by the following:

1- Participation in the Presidency of the Parliament and the leadership of the relevant parliamentary oversight committees.

2- Managing the independent bodies to achieve the goal of political reform through the real oversight role and the fight against corruption, which has dominated everyone who participated in the political process since the change that followed in 2003 until today, even if some have tried to evade it or push it away from it.

3- Providing real guarantees according to specific timetables to implement reforms and complete the legislation of the important laws that we present and which are in the interest of the country and the people without delay.

The bloc said, “We believe that the essential points we mentioned represent the role of the constructive opposition within Parliament and the cornerstone from which the project to reform the political, economic and service system in Iraq is based.”

She pointed out that “for all the foregoing, we find that the real interest of our country and our people requires achieving what was mentioned above before participating in tomorrow’s session and not keeping things as they are without actual oversight empowerment for non-participants in the government in order to achieve the desired interest for our country, and we also urge political forces to It is in harmony with what we have proposed as a realistic and loyal work approach in order to serve the Iraqis and eliminate corruption and spoilers, so that the winner in the end will be our dear country with all its spectrums and components.”