Disappearance of the $ 112 billion of Iraq’s money

Disappearance of the $ 112 billion of Iraq’s money


Disappearance of the 112 billion of Iraqs moneySaid the Finance Committee decision in the Iraqi Council of Representatives Alhaji Ahmed Rashid, that about $ 312 billion have been smuggled abroad, pointing to the impact of the disappearance of more than $ 112 billion of them.

Haj Rashid said in a press statement, that the committees of integrity and financial follow-up Alniabaten had held a minute on the disappearance of government revenues, adding that the results are still not clear about how Iraqi revenues exchange.

Rashid said that the $ 312 billion of Iraq’s revenues have been taken out of the country, alluding to the disappearance of $ 112 billion in revenue and does not know where you are?

He added Haj Rashid, the Iraqi government spent only 115 billion lar of the total revenue obtained by last year, noting that it spent another $ 58 billion in the private sector.

He stressed that the Committee has prepared six reports concerning the removal of Iraqi revenue abroad shows that 57% of those revenues were taken out of Iraq.

Haj Rashid also said that the major problem of Iraq lies in the presence of large-scale corruption within government institutions included most of her joints, pointing out that the bulk of government business is not going only through the payment of bribes, he said.