Dinar exchange rate issue at the table of prime minister; Ministers and CBI discuss why fluctuations in IQD

According to a statement of the Office of Shaways received Alstqama electronic copy of it: that of the advisers in the Prime Minister made a presentation to the causes of fluctuation in the rate of exchange of the dinar against foreign currencies and the merits of the issue, with the central bank governor explained away, and after officials on the subject of extensive debates.

The statement pointed to: that the Committee will hold a second meeting to get to the recommendations that would assist in the stability of the dinar.

meeting was attended by ministers of finance, oil and Planning, Commerce and Agriculture and the Governor of Central Bank of Iraq and Secretary General of the Council of Ministers and his assistant and head of the National Investment Commission and Adviser to the Prime Minister for Legal Affairs and the Economic Adviser in the form of consultants and Dr. Ali Abdul-Amir Allawi, an economist and financial expert, Ahmed Rehn.