Differences Saudi Arabia – because of the withdrawal of U.S. $ 800 billion from U.S. banks

Wednesday 16 May 2012

Follow-up – and babysit –quickly, King Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia to withdraw $ 800 billion at one of U.S. banks out of 3500 billion dollars is a financial reserve Saudi in U.S. banks, which has negatively affected the U.S. economy and led to a decline in U.S. stocks because of the withdrawal of deposits from them.

This has caused disagreements between the Kingdom and the United States after he issued a Saudi decision to pull the money despite the pressures brought to bear on King Abdullah to retreat from its decision, which rejected the pleas of America, which asked him Baltnradja his decision but he stressed that the main objective of the decision is the interest of the Saudi people.

The Kings Abdullah has taken this decision after the outbreak of revolutions in the Arab countries, which started a revolution jasmine in Tunisia through the revolution Jan. 25 in Egypt and the flash in both Libya and Yemen, Syria, Bahrain, Jordan, prompting the king to take swift action in order to control the state of protests may lead to problems for the ruling family in Saudi Arabia