Details of a ministerial meeting regarding the 2024 budget schedules

Details of a ministerial meeting regarding the 2024 budget schedules


Details of a ministerial meeting regarding the 2024 budget schedulesInformation / Baghdad..
Today, Wednesday, the Ministry of Planning announced the holding of a ministerial meeting to prepare the budget schedules for the current year.

The ministry stated in a statement received by the Al-Ma’louma Agency, “Today, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Planning, Muhammad Ali Tamim, chaired an expanded meeting, held at the Ministry of Oil, in the presence of the Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs, the Minister of Oil, Hayan Abdul-Ghani, and the Minister of Finance.” Taif Sami, the Minister of Oil and Natural Resources in the Kurdistan Regional Government, Kamal Muhammad, and his accompanying delegation, as well as undersecretaries of the Ministries of Planning and Oil, a number of general directors in the two ministries, and the Ministry of Finance.

She added, “During the meeting, mechanisms for preparing the general budget schedules for this year 2024 were discussed, in its operational and investment aspects, in light of oil prices and the revenues expected to be achieved during this year.”

The Minister of Planning stressed during the meeting, “The government is keen to complete these schedules within this year’s budget as soon as possible and send them to the House of Representatives for approval,” pointing out, “We took into account the quantities of oil exported, including the Kurdistan region’s share, and Iraq’s obligations to the production quotas specified by the Organization.” OPEC Plus.

For his part, the Minister of Oil stressed “the importance of the budget, which requires completing the spending and financial revenue schedules,” noting that “the Ministry of Oil is making great efforts to provide the best conditions to secure the production and export of oil, and to achieve appropriate revenues to secure financing of the budget.”

Minister of Finance, Taif Sami, also indicated, “The Ministry is keen to achieve balance in the budget and secure the necessary funding for the ruling and basic spending sections, whether on the operational or investment side.”

Meanwhile, the Minister of Oil in the Kurdistan Region, Kamal Muhammad, expressed “the region’s readiness to cooperate in the field of oil export in accordance with what was approved by the budget law.”