Deputy: There is certain information that Talabani memory loss and his absence exceeded the statutory period

Deputy: There is certain information that Talabani memory loss and his absence exceeded the statutory period

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There is certain information that Talabani memory loss and his absence exceeded the statutory period{Baghdad: Euphrates News} independent lawmaker stressed that the survival of the presidency of the Republic vacant is unconstitutional to exceed the legal limit, indicating that there is a blackout on the state of health of President Jalal Talabani.

The MP said the independent Jawad Albzona of Euphrates News Agency {} on Tuesday that “there is information confirming that President Jalal my students memory loss and his absence became a constitutional violation to exceed the statutory period.”

The President Jalal Talabani, is undergoing treatment in a hospital in the German capital of Berlin for more than five months after suffering a stroke in the head.

The MP continued, “even if Talabani has recovered, he will not be able to exercise his well because his health does not bear the responsibility of the job,” adding that “any official in the world serves as photosensitive get a particular disease, it is replaced as soon as possible.”

He added that “there is a desire by certain quarters that remains the position of the presidency vacant,” stressing that “the survival of vacant is a big problem, because the neo-conservatives to the provinces will not endorse them in the absence of the president,” explaining that “there are blackout on his health by the Kurds. ”

The medical team who treated President Jalal Talabani, had held earlier in Berlin, and the presence of Necmettin cream governor of Kirkuk, a press conference, during which doctors report on the health of Talabani, said in a statement information bureau of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan received {Euphrates News} copy of it, “The medical team confirmed that the president’s health in the development and constant improvement and he is currently exchanging conversations with those around him.”

He added cream, “it was the publication of photographs of Talabani, accompanied by doctors supervisors treated in the garden of the hospital, and we will publish his video that had the opportunity to do so,” noting “As Dr. private to President Talabani, assure everyone that the president’s health Mam Jalal continues to improve.”

The Kurdistan Alliance has confirmed earlier that President Talabani is fine and will see everyone next few days footage televised live and new to him, as he said Alliance MP, Hassan Jihad Amin, for {Euphrates News} that “the photographs that appeared to President Talabani, a new and genuine a in good health and is recovering and will soon return to the country and the next few days will be broadcast live televised pictures him at the refinery in Germany. ”

The coalition of state law, has revealed in a statement to {Euphrates News} for the Kurdistan region asking several names to take over the presidency of the Republic instead of President Jalal Talabani, who lay in a hospital Germany, where he is useful Albulada that “the Kurdistan put forward several names for the position of Presidency of the Republic instead of President Jalal Talabani. ”

And denied the Kurdistan Alliance, on the lips of his deputy, Burhan Faraj, who told {Euphrates News} that “so far there is no talk within the Kurdistan Alliance about offering an alternative to the current president, Jalal Talabani,” noting that “Talabani is able to return and the exercise of his duties well, according to the authoritative Speaking about the health of Talabani Dr. Necmettin cream “. ended 12 m