Deputy: The task of the next government in the event of its formation is limited to early elections

Deputy: The task of the next government in the event of its formation is limited to early elections

2019/12/5 16:23

Deputy - The task of the next government in the event of its formation is limited to early elections[Baghdad-Where]

According to a parliamentary source, Thursday, one of the most important tasks of the next government is to hold early elections, amid demands for the formation of an interim government to prepare for the elections.
“I prefer a permanent government, because the formation of the interim government ultimately adopts the same constitutional context in which the permanent government is formed, but its specific task is early elections,” MP Mohammed al-Khalidi told Arab media. Better because it will bear and legislate laws that prepare for a valid election through a sound law and an independent commission, and then dissolve the House of Representatives 45 days before the elections. ”

“The behavior of any other road will not succeed because of the complexities of the current circumstances,” he said.

For his part, the leader of the party “Progress” former MP Haider al-Mulla, that “going to early elections has become a prerequisite, and therefore no one can no longer resist such an approach,” pointing out that “Venice’s alliance with the thieves will not continue, and it is no longer It is possible that political Islam will remain in control of the political scene, “he said.

“The element of time has become crucial in assessing the deeds, so the late resignation of Adel Abdul Mahdi and his government brought him many tragedies, while if he resigned early, the situation would have been different,” he said.

He stressed that “early elections have become important, and the parliament must raise the banner of the call and the person of the speaker of Parliament so as not to be forced to later, if turned into a basic choice for the people and even for many political forces.”

The head of the Center for Political Thinking, Ihsan al-Shammari, pointed out that “the call made by the head of the wisdom movement Ammar al-Hakim, to resort to early elections is consistent with the outcome of the meetings, whether in the Shiite house or with other forces, given the current realization that the continuation of any government For another three years it could have serious consequences for the overall situation, including increasing the momentum of the demonstrations. ”

He pointed out that “the trend towards early elections and the interim government is a solution that convinced the demonstrators to a large extent,” explaining that “there is a general sense of importance with the presence of hard-line parties want to keep the situation as it is in order to preserve the gains and privileges obtained during the past years “.

Political forces had earlier adopted the demand to form an interim government to succeed the government of Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, which is preparing for early parliamentary elections, while Parliament amends the laws and elections, where the leader of the National Wisdom Movement, It is working to prepare for early elections in the light of the fair electoral law that is being legislated in the House of Representatives and the new commission, free of political influence. ”