Deputy Liberal: response to the insult of popular crowd will be painful for America

Deputy Liberal: response to the insult of popular crowd will be painful for America

Tue, March 24 / March 2015 11:15

Deputy Liberal - response to the insult of popular crowd will be painful for America[Baghdad-where]

Bloc MP for the Liberal Abdul Aziz Dalimy, America warned of prejudice to the popular crowd, pointing out that the answer to that would be painful.

He said Zalmi, on Tuesday, in a statement received by all of Iraq [where], a copy of the “popular crowd rules popularity Iraqi defend the homeland and its sanctities desecrated America and Althalutha fateful Israel”, adding that “the bloc will take a position on the remarks offensive to popular crowd by the Americans. “

He warned Dalimy United States and Israel of “prejudice to the popular crowd fact that the response will be painful and painful for them,” stressing that “the Sadrists his position clear and explicit since entering the political process that does not allow the forces of evil and darkness America and Israel interference in Iraqi affairs.”

He pointed out that “Israel and the tails of the United States failed to divide Iraq by the wings of the Islamic Resistance and the security forces.”

He continued that “America’s politically bankrupt and started working on a losing paper accusing the popular crowd after crowd proved recover territory seized by Daash.”

It was for security and defense committee member of the parliamentary Ghraoui Majid, said the former commander of the statements of US forces in Iraq, General David Petraeus, who was accused by the popular crowd as the most dangerous in Iraq, to ​​promote sectarian and prolongation of the war against the terrorist organization Daash.

He Ghraoui’s [where], that “Petraeus seeks to promote sectarianism and reduce the size of victories the security forces and the crowd popular and prolong the war in Iraq against al Daash terrorist support sedition in the country,” noting that “Petraeus told the abuse of the government and the parliament and the Iraqi people, not just the popular crowd.” , noting that “the political blocs in the House of Representatives confirmed Leave them popular crowd in more of a position.”

It is said that the security forces and the support of the popular crowd and the sons of the tribes, locked since the first of this March, a fierce war in Salahuddin province with Daash terrorist gangs, which managed to free a number of areas Mahafezh.anthy