Deputy for the State of Law: Opponents of the al-Maliki failed to collect (100) voted to withdraw his confidence

On: Wednesday 05/30/2012 15:39

Baghdad (news) .. Confirmed member of a coalition of state law MP / National Alliance / Batoul Farouk, that the political blocs of opposition to the work of Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, they could not collect (100) voted to withdraw confidence from the al-Maliki. 
said Farooq in a statement (of the Agency news) on Wednesday: The blocks political meeting in Erbil, Najaf, did not agree during their last meeting in Arbil, to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister, confirmed the existence of information they can not collect (100) voted to withdraw confidence from the Nuri al-Maliki. She MP from the national to: that the problems of the political blocs and the demands of the conferees resolved through the National Congress is expected to take place, by offering all the problems and agree on a solution according to the mechanisms in conformity with the Constitution. The political blocs of the three (the Iraqi List, Alliance Alchorstana, the Sadrists) held a meeting third has led the Kurdistan Region, in Erbil, and confirmed attendees During the meeting on their commitments to implement all the decisions that were agreed upon at a meeting of Najaf and continue to hold consultative meetings and expanded in the next few days. / Finished / 7. n. r /

Source: ikhnews