Deputy for Iraq: The participants awaiting a response from the National Alliance to take the final decision

Date: Monday 05/28/2012 14:14

Baghdad (news) .. The leader of the National Accord Movement MP / coalition in Iraq / Qusay Jumaa Al Abbadi, that the meeting in Arbil, Najaf, awaiting a response from the National Alliance on their demands, for a final decision on that seen in the political process. 
Ebadi said in a statement (of the Agency news news) said on Monday: The Iraqi List, has worked since the beginning of the political crisis to resolve differences between the blocks, and the last was when I participated in the meeting of Irbil, Najaf, which included the Kurdistan Alliance and the Sadr movement, indicating the following: that the three blocs gathered, awaiting a response from the National Alliance formally on the papers that they have provided, in order to make the final decision on the basis of the content of the reply. predicted Iraqi MP: that is the National Alliance positively to the demands of the two communities, but may not meet the ambitious, likely a third meeting of the blocks three through soon. On the other hand, said a member of the Liberal bloc of the Sadrist movement MP / National Alliance / Zainab al-Tai, the deadline to replace Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki is over, and that the meeting in Erbil and Najaf are still awaiting a response by the National Alliance. said Tai (the news) that the Sadrist movement is an essential part of the National Alliance is keen on the survival of the coalition coherent, stressing that the current-Sadr rejects the emergence of dictatorship, and this was rejected by the Sadrist movement and its leader, Muqtada al-Sadr. / Finished / 7. n. r /