Deputy Chairman of the Finance Committee: the need to work with credit card in all Iraqi banks

Baghdad (newsletter) … Deputy Chairman of the Finance Committee stressed the Deputy/Coalition blocs alkordstanet Ahmed Hassan feyzullah, need credit card work in all Iraqi banks branches of public and private, to facilitate the citizen’s finances.

He said Faizullah (News News Agency): credit card work in Iraqi banks cultural phenomenon is followed in most global banks to facilitate financial transactions for citizens, pointing out that most global banks began using these modern techniques, but Iraq, being still lacks awareness necessary to understand how to work with these modern phenomena.

And between: the work of these techniques requires education and awareness programmes for citizens through targeting caps required education and farmers through the dissemination of outreach programs and how to use modern scientific techniques in the world, as happened in South Korea.

Banking and credit card are granted through the source as the Bank and Credit Union, savings institution or any other financial institution credit line revolving card holder, the card is in fact a loan can be used for the purchase of consumer requirements and payment later, if unwilling to pay all what he borrowed (purchased) in any month it allowed to rotate the part or all of the amount borrowed to the next month, resulting in this case the payment of interest on the balance (acting).

Either months card types (account card, city card, ATM card, secured credit card, smart card, prepaid card, the generosities card Coalition card (rewards), dual-card brand).

This idea any credit cards work in banking with the kind of civilizational progress and cognitive evolution