Deputy: Automation will end 50% of corruption in Iraq

Deputy: Automation will end 50% of corruption in Iraq


Deputy - Automation will end 50 percent of corruption in IraqInformation / Baghdad..
Representative Mudar Al-Karawi suggested, on Wednesday, that automation and the adoption of electronic systems, or what is known as automation, will end 50% of corruption in Iraq.

Al-Karawi, a member of the Parliamentary Finance Committee, said in an interview with “Al-Ma’louma” that “Iraq is very late in implementing automation programs, especially for important files, most notably taxes, customs, and others,” noting that “automation, if applied according to the approved standards, will end 50%.” From the phenomenon of corruption.

He added, “The Finance Committee seeks, in coordination with the rest of the ministries and agencies, to implement automation and seek to develop the country’s non-oil revenues by no less than 50%, especially with the fluctuations in oil prices, which make the level of challenge greater for the country’s budget.”

He pointed out that “the transition to the principle of electronic payment will enhance the state’s financial balance and end many of the negatives,” stressing that “the transition from traditional performance is necessary in the midst of ending many of the negatives that have for years formed loopholes for corruption and the plundering of public money.”

Some state institutions are implementing electronic automation according to approved programs as part of their efforts to move to another, more flexible stage of modernization.