Deputy: $ 180 million a day escape from Iraq

Deputy: $ 180 million a day escape from Iraq


Deputy - 180 million dollars a day escape from IraqFinance Committee revealed in the House of Representatives for smuggling 180 million Dollars a day from Iraq to some countries of dollar sales in the Central Bank.

A member of the committee MP Haitham al-Jubouri, in his interview with Radio Free Iraq that “the House of Representatives in the current year’s budget, select the amount of selling the dollar at the central bank auction of five and seventy million dollars a day,” he argued that “the central does not comply with this financial ceiling and sales amounting to more than 250 million dollars. ” He called “control circuit banking in the Central Bank to activate its role in the biggest to stop this smuggling,” he described.

Economic Adviser to the Prime Minister the appearance of Mohammed Saleh, for his part noted that “the central bank recently issued instructions that asserts that he does not sell a day of hard currency only seventy-five million dollars.”

While Bush’s economic analyst Hilal Taan “The auction sale of the currency at the central bank follows a policy of open market to sell the dollar and thus the daily sales may exceed what revealed by the Finance Committee.”

Analyst added, saying that “this increase affected the value of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar, which is witnessing a surge quickly, which will affect the Iraqi economy in order to smuggle in excess of the need of the Iraqi market.”

But political analyst Jassem al-Moussawi said “the existence of political parties behind the phenomenon of money revealed by the parliamentary finance committee smuggling” confirming the presence of a lot of political beneficiaries of increased selling the dollar to fund their own interests. ”