Deliberated parliamentary circles leaks about the fact telephony closed conducted by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden recently with leaders and Iraqi politicians in Baghdad.

Deliberated parliamentary circles leaks about the fact telephony closed conducted by U.S. Vice President Joe Biden recently with leaders and Iraqi politicians in Baghdad.



According to the Iraqi Council of Representatives, the Biden search through its connection dial with Parliament Speaker Osama Najafi and over the full hour files demonstrations and the escalation of violence in the country and the return of Finance Minister resigned Rafie al-Issawi to the government and the formation of local governments new.

Sources parliamentary high for that Vice President Joe Biden warned Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki of the seriousness of the implications of renewed violence and the activity of armed groups that have returned to the forefront again. The sources, who declined to give her name said Biden Showing seeing an American for the next stage in the light of the continued lawlessness that plagues the country.

They indicated that Biden addressed Maliki is to say ‘be brave to put an end to the practices of some actors and parties close to him or related to his office, indicating that Maliki’s failure to deter those close to him will lead to return to square one and compel Washington to intervene immediately to restore things to the record straight ‘. The sources confirmed that the return of the finance minister resigned Rafie al-Issawi to his government was at the forefront of themes that touched her vice president with Iraqi Prime Minister as well as the crisis of demonstrations and sit-ins in the provinces Almentvdh. contrast expressed the U.S. concern about the security situation in Iraq and reiterated its support for Iraq in its war against terrorism. The White House said in a statement that Vice President Joe Biden held a telephone call with Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, noting that ‘Biden expressed U.S. concern about the security situation in Iraq and expressed his support the United States continued to Iraq in its war against terrorism’.

According to sources , the American diplomacy aimed in part of this effort to persuade al-Maliki and the security forces not to exaggerate the provocations. And al-Maliki accused his opponents to submit sectarian agenda designed to marginalize minorities and Iraqi strengthens fork ruling Shiites.

U.S. official said that the Obama administration ‘intervene effectively great’ after clashes Hawija to prevent further escalation, when surrounded by Iraqi forces a group of rebels who had seized the hand close Haweeja. Has worked Washington urged Iraqi forces not to proceed with the use of firepower large, has been resolving the situation through a deal with tribal leaders in the region.

quoted by Reuters news agency the U.S. official, who spoke on condition of explicit reference to him, saying ‘I do not want to exaggerate in influence, but this is the kind of stuff that we do behind the scenes ‘, he said, adding that if’ there is a real crisis, all of them running to us … We are a neutral party. ‘ U.S. officials say that Iraq’s failure to find a deal power-sharing stable between ethnic groups and sectarianism is likely to blame, as the Sunnis of Iraq, and they were were dominant under Saddam, now feel excluded and threatened, and started firing protests in December last year.

as He Biden during a telephone call with Iraqi Parliament Speaker Osama Najafi (according to a statement from the Office of the President of Parliament) expressed concern over the growing incidence of violence and extremism in Iraq and Syria, and the need to find solutions to Iraq to calm down.

called Najafi government to open the door to dialogue with the protesters and accept peace initiatives on demonstrations particularly the initiative of Sheikh Abdul-Malik al-Saadi and the withdrawal of military forces from the cities and replace local police, according to the statement, also stressed the need to stop the arrest warrants against leaders of the Iraqi List, demonstrations and the leaders of the Awakening, which had a role heroically in the fight against terrorism, because of the role in defusing the crisis .