Delete The Zeros Of The Interface Dinaraaud Media

A member of the Economic Committee in the Iraqi Parliament’s decision to wait delete the zeros and the restructuring of the Iraqi currency was the result of Alakhlavat (disagreement) existing between the political parties.

Said Mahma Khalil in a statement that the Economic Commission emphasized the re-structuring of the Iraqi currency and the issuance of new currency

And after that the price of the Iraqi dinar is close to the U.S. dollar, saying that “the time is right to hold the process of deleting the zeros of the Iraqi currency.

And prepared the Kurdistan Alliance MP that” the proposed deletion of zeros decision with economic benefits and bush substantial financial of the Iraqi currency, stressing at the same time that there is more from (62) billion dollars available Cgtar Mali in addition to the circulation of approximately (33) trillion Iraqi dinars within the Central Bank of Iraq.

The Cabinet decided to decided to wait in the application of the process of removing the zeros from the national currency to further notice, according to the decision (111) for the year 2012 in fifteenth meeting of the Council of Ministers.