Daesh fighting his battles in Mosul last over an area not exceeding 9 square kilometers

Daesh fighting his battles in Mosul last over an area not exceeding 9 square kilometers


Daesh fighting his battles in Mosul last over an area not exceeding 9 square kilometersRoudao- Mosul ,

military commanders and Iraqi politicians announced so far near the achievement of victory over the “Islamic State” Daesh several times, but the organization has prepared the kit for the battle of survival in Mosul, in an effort to prolong his succession in Iraq on the land of an area of less than 9 square kilometers.

Can not be any person or entity or a political analyst to predict when the end of the war in the right side of Mosul, where he Daesh during the last period of dragging the Iraqi army to the area where the last battles fighting now, not being able to resist in the vast neighborhoods, after being forced to lose more than 40 dead left side of Mosul during the four months of fighting.

Scale war in Mosul , squeezed into smaller spaces, which ended the use of long – range rocket guns, tanks and armored vehicles in the fighting, and no longer grip Daesh only the old one area, namely “Mosul”.

Gather the largest number of residents of the western side of the city in the “old Mosul” area, amid expectations indicate the presence of 500 to a thousand armed from Daesh in that small space, and the military is alive Zndjeli health of the old complementary connector.

Old conductor seven gates (three of which are from the northern side and four southern side), and doors that make up each one of them alive are: the door of the brick and the door of Sinjar, Bab Lagash and the door of the egg and the door of the sun and the door Serail new door, an area area of 9 square kilometers where there are about 130 thousand where civilians were trapped, and is Aserjkhanh and al – Faruq and healing and Bab Sinjar Zndjeli the most important ancient neighborhoods of Mosul.

Converge military analysts ‘ forecasts largely on the recent war Daesh in Mosul, he said military analyst, Maj . Gen. Majid Jassim, network Roudao media, ” The pieces of anti – terrorism is the only one that has experience in fighting street battles with other forces do not have it, and we said initially , the distribution of forces in Mosul was a very bad way and this is in the interest Daesh. ”

Police are looking into a mosque , “Baghdadi”

federal police are involved and band rapid reaction and cuts fight against terrorism ninth division of the Iraqi army in western Mosul battles, while fighting the crowd popular outside the city, more than 40 days , the federal police forces are stationed 900 meters from Nouri Grand Mosque who declared him to Abu Bakr al – Baghdadi , succession, and looks forward to the mosque without any progress, and has opened the northern axis by counter – terrorism and the band went ninth to militants Daesh towards the old Mosul to be the last battle there.

A military expert in urban warfare, pro Salem colt, the Roudao said that ” the old Mosul will be the quagmire of Iraqi forces because of the presence in the basements of all houses area, Daesh settled there, while the Iraqi army does not have experience in urban warfare.”

Raining rockets on the old Mosul

confirmed the spokesman for the joint operations, Brigadier General Yahya Messenger, for Roudao, ” The Daesh make every means available in order to survive, and our first concern is the protection of civilians do not edit land, and certainly the Daesh resistance in areas that are still under his control and use all they have to order it. ”

He spoke one right side residents of Mosul, in a telephone conversation with Roudao about the situation in the old Mosul, saying: ” The water cut off two months ago, and parents drinking water wells, and the Daesh take off the doors of all the houses and the hole walls, and every day we raining hundreds of rockets and missiles “.

Battle of the restoration of the right side of Mosul , was launched in 02.19.2017, but the end is not clear to military analysts, while increasing the number of military and civilian casualties (special) days after the other, who are used as human shields by Daesh.

When analysts ‘ comments on the firing of rockets and types of way, said a pro colt, “went a day since February 19 100 – 200 rockets on the right side, but the Iraqi missiles do not infect their objectives, so Daesh will remain in the old Mosul throughout the month of Ramadan and will continue fighting, and the war will end after Ramadan”.

For his part, Brigadier General Yahya Messenger said: “We can not be a time limit for the end of the battle of Mosul mode, but we have our fighters to fight the old Mosul and they are well equipped, although the militants Daesh thousand civilians sheltering at 100.”

On the survival Daesh in Mosul and the number of armed men, Majid Jassim said that ” the Iraqi army tanks stand on the doors of the old Mosul, and 90% of the militants who are still in Mosul , suicide bombers, so the battle will be fierce and the war in the streets is the only one that will settle it, because Daesh has a network tunnels in the old Mosul connecting all neighborhoods. ”