Critical deterioration of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar and warns postpone the adoption of laws affecting citizens

Bookmark critical deterioration of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar and warns postpone the adoption of laws affecting citizens

18/05/2013 (23:01 pm)

Iraqi dinar and USD Karbala – Najaf / Range Press

Criticized the representative of the religious authority in Karbala, confusion in the diagnosis of the causes of the deterioration of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar, and demanded that parliament not to postpone enact laws that concern to citizens to the next parliamentary session because it would weaken the confidence of citizens blocs political, while denounced cleric Sadr al-Din Qabbanji targeting the sect Yazidi, and the continued bombings without the security forces Bahbatha.
said Khatib F Karbala, Sheikh Abdel Mahdi al-Karbalai in Hadra Husseinia and attended the “long-Presse,” We “While we support to find a solution between the Turkish government and the PKK, but we see that the entry of PKK into northern Iraq without coordination with the Iraqi government is contrary to the principle of the right of Iraq’s sovereignty over its territory, a vulnerability to the Iraqi government. ”
said Karbalai that “this vulnerability was due to lack of standardization of the political blocs to attitudes toward sensitive issues and mission in the country,” stressing that “the continued lack of unifying political positions … will lead to more vulnerability to the Iraqi government, whether from this country or any other. ”
On the other hand students Ncaa Iraqi Council of Representatives to “pass laws relating to peace salaries for employees and retirees,” noting that “there are a lot of employees feel بالتمايز unfair in their salaries compared with their peers in other ministries. ”
stressed Ncaa “the need not to postpone these laws to the next session because it will lead to further weaken the confidence of citizens blocs of political and increase the proportion of the reluctance of citizens to participate in the upcoming parliamentary elections have also noted the turnout in local elections before the period.” He criticized Ncaa case of “confusion and turmoil in the diagnosis of the real causes of what is happening from the drop in the price of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar,” explaining that this “decline would negatively affect the lives of citizens,” and urged diagnosis of the real causes and develop solutions to them. “In another context, a student representative reference Government Iraqi ministries concerned to “develop contingency plans future in anticipation of repeated incidents of flooding,” stressing “the need to operate the government to create a residential and low cost in agricultural areas and end the slums and villages of houses mud that collapsed due to floods and died a number of citizens evacuated.
For his part, Khatib and in front of F Najaf in Husseiniya Fatimid yesterday that “bear arms in Anbar and the face of the army alarm seriously and ignite the fire of sedition,” and wondered, “Why do the people of Anbar, I do not think that they are the people of Anbar, I would even say what he does them who want to open their fighting them and between the Iraqi army. ”
and called Qabbanji elders, scholars and tribal leaders of Anbar that “have a role in the fire of sedition and is forbidden from entering into routers military,” warning “of the armed forces from entering into routers armed.”
He Qabbanji that “the condemnation of the bombings in Baghdad and Kirkuk do not means nothing and claim also does not mean anything, there is a question mark on the security services and should provide processors real security situation ten years after the change of the political situation in Iraq vibrating Baghdad daily bombings and this is unacceptable, “and wondered,” Where pre-emptive strikes where intelligence where security ? “.
pointed Qabbanji a leader of the Supreme Council that “there is liquidation is the doctrine of Yezidi minority and we deplore targeted and demand to protect them, but the security services and the government to protect all sects in Iraq.”
On the other hand, said Khatib and Imam Friday in Najaf that “forces The Bahraini government yesterday’s attack on the home of Ayatollah Isa Qassim leader in Bahrain and arrested all of it, “denouncing” the process of attack banana religious “. He denounced the leader of the Sadrist movement Muqtada al-Sadr, yesterday raided a house cleric Bahraini Isa Qassim, describing it as “brazen and blatant, and threatened not to remain silent on the attack carried out by the” forces of terror, “while called on his supporters to demonstrate after Friday prayers to demand the closure of the Bahraini embassy in Iraq. Sadr called on his supporters to demonstrate after Friday prayers to denounce this work, as witnessed several provinces south of the country and in Baghdad’s Sadr City demonstrations of the followers of the Sadrist movement demonstrations yesterday at the invitation of the chest.