Coordination of demonstrations demanding the expulsion of Plasschaert from Iraq

Coordination of demonstrations demanding the expulsion of Plasschaert from Iraq


Coordination of demonstrations demanding the expulsion of Plasschaert from IraqThe organizing committee for demonstrations and sit-ins rejecting the election results called, on Friday, for the expulsion of the United Nations representative in Iraq, Jeanine Plasschaert, for what she described as “false.”

The committee said in a statement, “The Commission for Forgery is still procrastinating in its last breath, despite its faltering and confusion, as it receives daily blows that reveal the extent of its corruption, criminality, and underestimation of the fates and future of Iraqis. What stands on the side of the complainants and their rights, and the scrutinizing company, with its report, removed the fog from the eyes of those who did not see the whole truth. As for the obedient prey of Holland called Plasschaert, she is a liar and an essential partner in the conspiracy to rig the elections.”

And she added, “We announce that stopping Jeanine Plasschaert from acting as a high delegate to Iraq, expelling her from the country, and formally addressing the United Nations with the need to replace all its representative cadres in Iraq, has become a popular demand that does not represent the public rejecting the results of fraud only, but rather all Iraqis.”

The committee clarified, “On Friday of the Fathers, we pledge the blood of the martyrs that quenched these squares to continue the path towards recovering our stolen voices, and cutting bridges and roads will not deter us from that. We take the opportunity to denounce and denounce the clumsy statements of some officials of the American state of evil that include references to their intention to stay in Iraq and not withdraw, and we hold the liar Al-Kazemi government responsible for the positions that come other than the outcomes of the so-called strategic dialogue that Seven Facebook sang a lot and considered it a unique diplomatic victory.

And she added, “The free and the oppressed in Iraq and from all sects and orientations have come to see in your steadfastness and your forefathers a great motivator and a safe lifeline for them, and you are worthy to clear eyes and warm hearts.”