Conquest gives Abdel Mahdi “another chance”!

Conquest gives Abdel Mahdi “another chance”!


Conquest gives Abdel Mahdi another chanceKalkamsh Press / Baghdad

MP of the conquest coalition Amer Al-Fayez, that our opposition to the dismissal of the current government has reasons for giving the opportunity for the government to correct its course, indicating that this vision does not mean that we will silent on the accountability of government mistakes.

Al-Fayez said that “the threat of dismissal of the government at the present time will increase the problems and crises because the formation of a new government will take months and perhaps more than a year and this will complicate the matter more in the provision of services.”

He added, “The reason why we did not seek to dismiss the government is to give it a chance to correct the course and this is what happens in most countries.” The idea of ​​dismissing the government does not mean silence for its mistakes. ”