Congress: Maliki adheres (Holy) .. and is seeking a fourth term!

Congress: Maliki adheres (Holy) .. and is seeking a fourth term!

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Baghdad / Orr News

The MP said the Iraqi List, the appearance of al-Janabi said the prime minister is keen to remain in power to the state of the third and fourth (as long as he is alive), in the words of Attorney.

The guide explained that adherence to authority, the actions that he will be taken on the decisions of the Federal Court and the abolition of the three presidencies law.

He Janabi “said Dawa party has no significant role in the process tactical and strategic prime minister is working, because it is found in every member of the Dawa party, the ability and the intent and potential to be a leader, and that exclusivity sovereignty is thanks to the Prime Minister and not thanks to one other.”

For his part, MP for the Liberal bloc Mohammad Reza al-Khafaji said the issue of the survival of Prime Minister for a third term is the desire of him or the desire of staff Advanced in the Dawa party, and that this process and the two sides of the same coin, as that Mr. Maliki and through the recent events that have occurred and political crises many experienced by Iraq still keen to stay on hegemony through his statements on TV screens through which tries to give false solutions to the crisis.

He said that some of the important points in the solutions given by is either going to partition and division or dialogue or the spread of violence and re-sectarian and factional fighting Awalzhab to early parliamentary elections, and these four points are all in the interest of al-Maliki, they did not mention in his remarks to the most important point is the idea of stepping down as prime minister in the case of non-acceptance of the multitudes demonstrator for these solutions.

He Khafaji, “History repeats itself again When exit uprising Year (1991) in more than 14 Iraqi province then came former President bragging on television saying that the Iraqi people want me, and it represents the people, from the killing of the Iraqi people, according to he said. “The Iraq now a democratic country parliament unconstitutional and Mr. Nuri al-Maliki that comply with the requests of his people, though there were one province rejects presence For Mr. Maliki adherence to democratic principles and say (I served the people what I saw fit, but no province or provinces do not want staying ), and now there are more than six provinces contestant on the survival of Mr. al-Maliki faces. ”

He noted that “Iraq is suffering many of the crises on the level of internal and external, as Iraq is suffering an international crisis, because in the middle and outer did not enjoy habilitation international and diplomatic real because the policies of the government. Amaaly Internally, the most blocks that formed the Iraqi government is not consistent and is combination and has many objections to the Prime Minister and the Government of “national partnership” that name which no longer exists now, and no action by, but became government a single party. Khafaji said: that the presence of the Dawa Party, which is the rule of law depends on the existence of a personal Nuri al-Maliki in elections Parliamentary Party won the call more than 89 seats in the House of Representatives of Iraq, represented by all in the person of Mr. Nuri al-Maliki and spoken-Maliki, I do not think the Dawa party will be able to bring one’s personality can come with 30 thousand votes, because Sheikh Dawa Khalid al-Attiyah did not get more than 200 votes.

Meanwhile, MP for the Kurdistan Alliance Hassan Jihad that subject is not the survival of the party first in power, the National Alliance was the biggest bloc in the previous election, and according to the Constitution was commissioned a National Alliance headed by Minister, which Nuri al-Maliki and because the mass of law was the biggest blocs in the National Alliance , was the candidate of the National Alliance and the rule of law.