Chihod: Barzani became involved in a project designed to weaken the central Iraq

Friday, April 6, 2012 11:59

BAGHDAD / Baghdadiya News / said a member of a coalition of state law, MP Mohammed Chihod the achievements made by the Iraqi government “Ngad” Alssayasaan some who are trying to climb on democracy in Iraq To achieve their personal interests and began their criticism of this perspective.

Noting in a statement to / Baghdadiya News / The ‘Go Masoud Barzani to America is not to solve the Iraqi crisis, but I think it’s going to complicate the crisis. ”

Explaining that “Barzani stems from the principle that the strengthening of the provincial government at the expense of weakening the central government, and… the evidence that he demanded more than once the Americans not to arm the Iraqi army, including the failure to provide him with (aircraft F16) and this matter is well known, and I see he was not going to solve the crisis as far as what goes into the complexity of the crisis and that “Barzani” engaged in a project pivotal sectarian purpose is to weaken Iraq, “(to him)

To that met with U.S. President Barack Obama and Vice President Joseph Biden, Chairman of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, Massoud Barzani, who is visiting Washington, and stressed his commitment to the United States including historical and Cefaha relationship with the Kurds.

The White House said in a statement that Obama joined the meeting between Biden and Barzani, adding that U.S. officials new emphasis on the United States is committed to its relationship close and historic ties to the Kurdistan and the Kurdish people, as part of its partnership strategy with Iraq a federal, democratic and unified.

He urged Obama and Biden Barzani to continue to abide in the Iraqi political process within the framework of the Iraqi Constitution.

The two sides discussed a range of issues related to Iraq and the region and the steps to be taken on the United States to expand the services provided through its consulate in Kurdistan Arbil.

The parties expressed their support for the continuation of high-level consultations between U.S. officials and representatives of the Government of Iraqi Kurdistan.

Barzani also met with U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, according to the U.S. Department of Defense (Pentagon), which did not give any details of what was discussed at this meeting.

Barzani’s visit to Washington a day after a telephone call from Obama with Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in which he congratulated him on the success of the Arab Summit held in Baghdad last week, and assured him of his support for a unified Iraq.

As Obama told al-Maliki also support the invitation of President Jalal Talabani to hold a national conference to resolve differences between the political blocs in Iraq. Finished / 24 /.