Cheney: History will record the failure of Obama and al-Maliki

Cheney: History will record the failure of Obama and al-Maliki

WEDNESDAY, JULY 16, 2014 12:56

Cheney - History will record the failure of Obama and al-MalikiTwilight News / Shen Former U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney, who took office during the era of former President George W. Bush, a scathing attack on President Barack Obama, describing it as the worst of the rule of America, and carry with Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki, is responsible for the failure in Iraq.

He Cheney, in an interview with CNN and seen by “Twilight News” for his rejection of plans for the dismissal of Obama, even though he described as “the worst president ever known in his life,” describing the former president, Jimmy Carter, and who sees the Republicans that it was weaker American Presidents had the best of it.

He continued, Cheney said, “I think that when we left power, Iraq was put very stable, but Obama said it himself, we have set up a plan to increase the number of soldiers, and the plan was required after the American withdrawal left a military force able to continue to train the Iraqi army and provide capabilities that can not be provided , such as intelligence and air force, but that did not happen. ”

The former U.S. vice president to the Iraqi forces, “collapsed,” he said, adding that al-Maliki bear part of the responsibility, along with “Obama’s failure” to ensure the survival of a U.S. force on the ground, what was born of the chaos in Iraq today.

Regarding the presence of a large number of soldiers and officers of the former Iraqi army under the forces “Daash” and whether this has resulted in a solution of the Baath Party and the army, Cheney said, “Maybe some of them (ex-soldiers), but the core of Daash are from al-Qaeda, has killed their leader, former , Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, and doing a disservice to them and the defeat of Iraq Trdnahm Fezhroa in Syria, and returned to collect their forces under the name Daash and entered Iraq from new allies and gathered around them. ”

He continued by saying, “It is not confined to Iraq only, Caliphate, which lodged includes parts of Syria as well, and we have thousands of people who want to participate in jihad streaming from Europe to the region, and some of America itself.”

Cheney pointed out that al-Maliki and Obama “bear the responsibility for this failure,” describing that this “will go down in history.”