Chambers of Commerce: Washington bears 60% of the dollar crisis

Chambers of Commerce: Washington bears 60% of the dollar crisis


Chambers of Commerce - Washington bears 60 percent of the dollar crisisInformation / Baghdad..
On Wednesday, the Chambers of Commerce held Washington responsible for the dollar crisis in Iraqi markets.

The head of the Diyala Chambers of Commerce, Muhammad Al-Tamimi, said in an interview with “Al-Ma’louma” that “the dollar has turned into an economic pressure tool in the hands of America in an attempt to influence the decisions of countries for years, including Iraq,” pointing out that “the parallel market crisis and the rise in the dollar exchange rate are borne by Washington in proportion.” Not less than 60%.

He added, “Reducing the Central Bank’s dollar payments and imposing sanctions on some banks are all direct reasons for increasing pressure on the parallel market, offset by the presence of corruption and the failure to implement government procedures for securing dollars for travelers, for example.”

He pointed out that “ending the dollarization file in Iraq will reduce the pressure by no less than 50%, especially since a large percentage of debt payment mechanisms in internal trade have depended for years on the dollar, and this is a grave mistake that has negatively affected the strength of the dinar.”

The dollar exchange market witnessed an increase at the beginning of November before falling again to below 156 thousand dinars per 100%.