Central seeks to unify the exchange rate


Integrity electronic / Baghdad
Approved the Central Bank of Iraq this month, the existence of an imbalance in the Iraqi dinar exchange rate and confirmed his quest to unify the exchange rate between him and the local markets while at the same time denied any deterioration of the value of Iraqi dinar.
The central bank last week accused the four of conspiring to hit the financial economy of Iraq to empty its market of its financial strength, indicating that the free trade corridors in Iraq is becoming the means adopted to hit the economy.

And saw the price of the dollar compared to a rise in local currency during the past few days, which officials attributed to a local banking companies, the central bank to take additional action in the auction sale of foreign currency.

The deputy governor of the Bank that the appearance of Mohammed: Central Bank of proven Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the dollar to 1189 dinars to the dollar after the addition of 13 dinars bank commission and profit banking companies ten dinars to the dollar”.

He explained that: The Central Bank sells U.S. dollar to 1166 Iraqi dinars, “expected” to resolve the phenomenon of the depreciation of the Iraqi dinar against the dollar in the coming period“.

He said that Muhammad: World Bank now sells $ 200 million, a substantial amount per day, which covers the needs of the market and the bank began to expand to include outlets selling bank Rafidain and Rasheed”.