(Amended 7:00 pm)Central Bank of Iraq’s new currency … soon to market

I just received this…..This is the response I received and I thought I would share it.
I have seen this note a few days ago, I had sent a email to EBRIL to the bank there they had informed me that this is old dinar that was used in the 80s this is not the new dinar that is going to be reprinted.
I have also found out that there will be a vote in parliament in July to see if Iraq will issue a new currency there is a good chance the vote will not pass to issue new currency that is what 4 different owners of banks in Iraq have found out.

We did not intend to mislead anyone,  I simply posted the article as displayed on the website URL that was provided.

MP from Kurdistan Alliance bloc Mahma Khalil, for contracting the Iraqi Central Bank with (4) known international companies for the printing of new currency for the printing of the new national currency after you delete the zeros of which, describing the project to delete the three zeroes from the currency as “successful” and the time is ideal for replacing them. Khalil (of the Agency news) on Sunday:

The project to delete three zeros from the local currency is one of the important projects and at all levels, whether for economic or security to the country, pointing out that the topic of the program by the central bank and a good time to replace the ideal currency, which will be early next year. He pointed out: that the central bank has contracted with (4) well-known international companies, and solid in the field of international currency printing, without giving their names or nationalities, saying: that it is too early to announce the nationalities of those companies. Khalil added: The new currency will be a high specification and have the properties of security is very high is not as easy to be forged, in addition to the federal government has (25) organ The allergic and high distinguishes new currency counterfeit of good as well as import (25) another ATM by the central bank to detect counterfeit currency, calling for attribution and support this project because it will reform the Iraqi currency by reducing the money supply raised in the local markets. The Attorney-Khalil: The new currency will consist of the categories (1, 2, 5, 10, 25 and 50, 100, 200) dinars, as well as small metal groups (50 and 250) fils. As revealed deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed in favor of the existence of safety properties of high-tech and scientifically advanced in the new Iraqi currency after deletion of zeros of the three of them. Saleh said in an earlier statement that the Central Bank of Iraq has reached advanced stages of preparations for the mission logistics project to delete the three zeroes from the Iraqi currency, and after obtaining approval from the federal government to implement it will be working on a larger scale because it is a legitimate strategic interest to the general of the Iraqi people.