CBI puts the controls to combat money laundering

CBI puts the controls to combat money laundering   Karbala / JD / .. Detect the Iraqi Central Bank for the offices of specialized affiliated to monitor and control the movement of money into Iraq to deal with cases of money laundering occurring.   The Director General of Statistics and research at the Bank in an interview with the correspondent of the agency / dinars / day, “said the CBI stressed through the controls and restrictions approved by the law (930) on anti-money laundering and the smuggling of currency in the country.”   He added, “there is coordination between Iraqi banks and the offices of anti-money laundering on the one hand and the Ministry of the Interior, on the other.”   The Director Walid Eid Abdel-Nabi, the central bank watches closely and continuously the movement of cash within Iraq, as well as control the volume of exports and imports of currencies Foreign Affairs of the various border crossings.   “The Director of Statistical Research at the Central Bank to, that” the movement of money are all pleased and easy to remember without hindrance. “he asserted,” There are no serious concerns over the smuggling of currency the fact that Iraq has a large cash resources after heading towards an open economy.   bit.ly/Jw52tl