CBI participated in the Arab conference in Cairo

Raised Faouri, Director General of the Arab Organization for Administrative Development

Participates CBI in the conference (leadership in times of disaster and crisis) which is organized by the Arab Organization for Administrative Development in collaboration with the Manchester College of Business Administration University of Manchester and sponsored by the secretary-general of the Arab League Nabil Elaraby for the period from February 17 to 18, 2013 with the participation of delegations from the (Iraq – Egypt – Libya – Saudi Arabia – United Arab Emirates – Algeria – Sudan – Bahrain – Palestine – Kuwait – Tunisia) in addition to the World Bank and the Regional Centre for Disaster Risk Reduction.

explained Dr. Rifaat Faouri Director General of the Arab Organization for Administrative Development in a statement to PUKmedia, today Wednesday, 2.13 / 2013, that disaster and crisis management is one of the administrative areas vital at the present time, especially in light of developments and rapid changes that we are witnessing at the Arab world, from natural disasters, to energy crises, water, food, climate and environment, health and security, and the end of economic crises.

added Faouri: However what constitutes these disasters and crises of major obstacle to sustainable development and achieving the Millennium Development, show the need for cooperation and coordination between the bodies and institutions of different specialties, which requires special skills with the leaders of these institutions qualify for collective action – or collective leadership – as opposed to individual leadership. Given the importance of preventive planning and mechanisms in this field, show the need for further upgrading the skills and capabilities of leaders to anticipate disasters and crises, and preparation to minimize the effects and consequences, and even work to prevent their occurrence.

connection with objectives of the conference pointed Faouri to the aim of the conference is to introduce the new concept of the General, and increasing awareness of the importance of collective leadership across institutions and government bodies and definition Balyatea for the successful management of disasters and crises and reduce the size of the expected losses of them, as well as strengthening the capacity and skills of leaders of national and regional to deal with the disaster and risk reduction, and to endeavor to reach innovative methods applied for disaster prevention and handling in the workplace and the protection of life and property, and review policies and strategies relating to the risks and financial matters relevant, and highlight the need for the participation of NGOs and civil society institutions and civil in dealing with disasters and crises.

For his part, Dr. Abdul Rahim Allam general coordinator, the conference addresses across interlocutor General Command and skills and capabilities of collective leadership, and processors national to international crises, and the relationship between entanglements and complications financial and financial risks, and the relationship between applications compensation (contrast material) and Nature funding for the global economy, and disaster risk management and sustainable development and a plan of action the World Bank for Disaster Reduction in the Middle East and North Africa also focuses Conference to discuss issues of collective leadership across institutions public and private sectors, as well as civil society, and financial institutions profitability (such as commercial banks) and non-profit (such as banks and funds regional and international) with a particular focus on leadership in the management of disasters and crises.