CBI: our goal to reduce prices and raise the value of the dinar

An official at the Central Bank of Iraq that “the goal is to reduce the Bank’s President and response rates of inflation.”

The deputy governor of the Bank Mazhar Mohammad Saleh said that “The objective of the Bank President is to reduce prices and to address inflation,” noting that “the Bank seeks to raise the value of Iraqi dinar exchange rate in proportion to the surplus in the balance of payments of Iraq and especially the current account that a surplus of the 8 to 10% of the gross domestic product. “

Saleh pointed out, “according to the Sumerian News” that “the surplus in the balance of payments to him from the economic power of the financial impact on the rise in bank reserves to 18 percent,” pointing out that “the economic power of Iraq’s financial must be reflected on the strength of the Iraqi dinar, which in turn will be able to reduce inflation. “

The Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Iraq that “monetary policy is able to accommodate inflation and that he would intervene strongly to curb inflation in the moments when what he found up to the worry stages of stability.”