CBI: Iraq victim trapped by Iran, Syria, Turkey, and United Arab Emirates bankruptcy


BAGHDAD / JD / .. see the Central Bank of Iraq has been the victim surrounded by Iran and Syria and the bankruptcy of Turkey and the UAE.

The deputy governor of Central Bank of Iraq the appearance of Mohammed Saleh / a JD /: that Iraq is in its financial crisis last victim trapped Iran, Syria, and the bankruptcy of Turkey and the UAE, adding that the transfer system C, which imported under which Iraq on credit pay a lot of traders to drain huge amounts of money from the dollar under the pretext import construction materials and food and industrial origins of the regional countries in excess of local need tens of multiples.

He added that the move has led over the last period to penetrate the central bank by the merchants ghost who had withdrawn as much as possible from the dollar to influence the size of the national reserve of hard currency, which led to the instability experienced by everyone.

He continued that the occurrence of Iraq between the two trapped made him a target because it is an incubator for hard currency due to its economy, rent-seeking based on the sale of oil and use the proceeds to walk the things the country, and the bankruptcy of many countries and they happen crisis (recession) to pay them to enter the Iraqi market entry is not good as took advantage of the serious economic situation of openness to international markets to carry out the withdrawal of currency and goods flooding the Iraqi market, poor expensive, expressing regret that this activity is at the hands of dealers and brokers Iraqis.

He noted that the central bank is finalizing of this problem during the next two months by following the strategy determines which traders are authorized to enter the market also determines the amounts allocated to them will be identified through the new strategy where to go the money and will be the import process and what will import.