CBI: Dinar exchange rate will be fixed in Ramadan

BAGHDAD – Al Sabah said the central bank exchange rate of the dinar against the dollar will stabilize during the holy month of Ramadan because of the tendencies of food prices in the world to lower, not higher.

Deputy Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh (Center Brief for the Iraqi Media Network) that »the central bank monitors the rate policies foreign exchange to local currency, which indicates that the exchange rate of foreign currency before the local will stabilize in the month of Ramadan, because the food in all countries in science refers to the decline in prices ».

He added that »the month of Ramadan in the summer differs from winter to the availability of agricultural products and fruit in Iraq, leading to a lack of high food prices substantially «. and called on the Finance Committee in the House of Representatives of the Central Bank to lower the exchange rate of foreign currency to reduce the high prices of commodities and goods in the month of Ramadan.