CBI confirms that inflation indicators is troubling

The Central Bank of Iraq’s annual inflation rate that the base is still worrying, declaring that it rose to 6.7% for the month of April.

The deputy governor of the Central Bank of the appearance of Mohammed Saleh told a news briefing, said that “the foundation’s annual inflation rose in the month of April, to 6.7% compared with the annual inflation basis for the month of March, who scored 6.2%, up by 1.0%.”

As pointed out, “according to the Sumerian News” that the housing sector and fluctuations in the exchange rate has an impact on raising the rate of inflation, stressing that this increase is still “not worrying.

The numbers vary on indicators of inflation, which give it back with the central figures announced by the Ministry of Planning, in many cases.

Announced as the Ministry of Planning in the thirteenth of May of this headline inflation for the month of April, by 1% compared with the previous month of March with the annual inflation rose 8.7%.

A statement of the ministry, “The reasons for the high annual inflation, caused by rising prices of food and beverage department is marked by about alcohol reached 13% due to higher prices of vegetables, as well as the Department of Housing prices increased by 9.7% due to the increase rents for residential buildings by 14%.