“Call” al-Maliki of Iraq between the hammer and the anvil Abadi

“Call” al-Maliki of Iraq between the hammer and the anvil Abadi

Posted 08/10/2015 12:43 AM

Call al-Maliki of Iraq between the hammer and the anvil AbadiEscalated in the recent period the dispute between Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi and his predecessor, Nuri al-Maliki, which could push Abadi to abandon the Dawa party, especially after the young party suspicions of corruption, which affected several symbols of the party, led by al-Maliki.

She stressed the Iraqi media, quoting sources in the Dawa Party, that a number of party leaders have spoken out against the owners and his clique, and they Sheikh Abdul-Halim al-Zuhairi and Tariq Najim and Sadiq al-Rikabi, Walid ornaments and MP Ali Keywords, where leaks dissent came against the backdrop decoding of the leaders of the organizational and political links in the Dawa Party Secretary-General of the party Nuri al-Maliki.

And we are talking in the corridors of the party for the formation of a new political party tends to support al-Abadi, and deviate from the mantle of the party that has characterized the religious nature of sectarianism which constitute his authority city of Qom, and especially after the rise of party votes and the People’s claim to Ebadi to resign from the party.

However, the prophecies concerning the slogans of the party, “newborn” which will come out of the womb of the Dawa Party, although there was talk of an Islamic pattern of moderate, will remain close to the broader coalition of state under the control of Shiite law, which has links awning outside Iraq, specifically Iran’s eastern neighbor.

Insiders pointed out that the members of the Dawa Party, has become barricade themselves on two fronts; one of them stands with al-Maliki and other tend to Ebadi, where developments have become the dispute threatens to escalate into a political differences of armed clashes between the two fronts of the party. Maliki on the one hand at the helm of the party by the armed front in the party, while standing alongside Abadi political wing is a number of political figures in the party.

The dispute between al-Maliki and al-Abadi began expanding after the end of investigations into the fall of Mosul in the grip of the organization which carried Daash and al-Maliki, the first responsibility of an event occurring, in addition to the dispersion between the goals of the party gain the trust of the mullahs’ regime in Tehran or personal gain.

In an interview with Sky News Arabic, said Ali al-Adeeb leader of the Dawa Party: “There is a divergence of views, especially after the reforms carried out by the Prime Minister, it does not mean that there is an agreement with the other blocks, especially since some may have found himself or herself of These reforms or has a different point of view. ”

Abadi has long pointed the finger to the Maliki government and uploaded setback fault conditions in Iraq at all levels, whether political, security, economic, and that al-Maliki and allies are the reason for blocking the implementation of the reforms package, which did not come out of the paper to ink a fait accompli.

In another clash between the two men, the news confirmed that al-Maliki rejected the decisions of Ebadi, within theoretical reforms package, the evacuation of government properties owned by him and some influential and delivery of the property to the state, where attacked at a news conference Sunday he called the governor and selected age, in explicit reference to the owners.