Cabinet Secretariat: Salaries are tomorrow, not necessarily two months

Cabinet Secretariat: Salaries are tomorrow, not necessarily two months

11/14/2020 16:10

Cabinet Secretariat - Salaries are tomorrow not necessarily two months[Baghdad-Where]
The General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers confirmed, on Saturday, that the Ministry of Finance will start the process of releasing employees’ salaries, starting tomorrow, while indicating that the issue of disbursing the salary of two consecutive months is related to the employee’s department.
“The prime minister had previously directed the finance and accounting departments in all ministries and state departments in the governorates to work on Fridays and Saturdays and to prepare the payroll lists for the months of October and the second,” said the secretariat spokesman, Haider Majeed, pointing out that “the release of salaries for the two months is not necessarily a one-off payment for each employees”.

He added that “the financial liquidity became available after the approval of the law on financing the fiscal deficit by the House of Representatives,” noting that “the departments that complete the lists as soon as possible, the salaries of employees will be paid for two consecutive months.”

Majeed added, “The Ministry of Finance will start from Sunday to release the salaries of employees according to the departments that have completed the lists in accordance with the directives of the Prime Minister.”

Earlier, the Iraqi Prime Minister, Mustafa Al-Kazemi, directed the ministries and agencies not associated with a ministry and all governorates, for the official working hours on Friday and Saturday for the financial departments and accountants.

Earlier, the Iraqi Ministry of Finance announced the launch of employee salaries for the month of October, starting tomorrow, Sunday, after being delayed for more than two weeks.

The launch of salaries came after the House of Representatives voted at dawn today, Thursday, on the borrowing law that the government has been waiting for to secure employees’ delayed salaries for several weeks, as the country is going through one of the most difficult financial crises, due to the decline in oil prices.

The legislation of the fiscal deficit law comes to secure a legitimate cover for the government, given that Iraq did not approve the fiscal budget for 2020 due to the crisis of protests that toppled the previous government and was followed by the Corona pandemic crisis, which reduced state revenues by nearly half.