British Independent published f*ck prisoners who distributed Daash the fighters guide

British Independent published f*ck prisoners who distributed Daash the fighters guide

12/14/2014 08:27 GMT

British Independent published f-ck prisoners who distributed Daash the fighters guide***This may be disturbing to some readers, but it shows just how nasty and evil the ISIS (Daash) group is.***

Follow-up – and babysit – After that the newspaper “The Independent” British some of the “f*ck prisoners Guide” which said that al Daash distributed by the fighters, the deployment of the terrorist organization booklet video titled “captivity and necks”, on its official Internet, explains which f*ck prisoners who are in the hands of elements ways .
The booklet includes answers to 32 questions on the organization, about the captivity, and how to deal with prisoners, starting from the definition of captivity, Finally Bafattaway own ways fuck prisoners.

The newspaper “The Independent” said the organization issued on 3 December last year in the so-called “research department and the fatwa” organization.

Researchers at the “Centre for Research on Violence”, of the University of Bristol, UK, last month, The Daash the families of more than 2,500 women belong to the Yazidis in Syria and Iraq, while 4600 has been confirmed the absence of a woman.

The booklet explains in detail what is involved in this sexual relationship, according to “The Independent”. It includes allowing captive by taking non-Muslim, in a reference to Christians and Jews, as advised on the treatment of non-Muslims that they are slaves, and includes a booklet some other Fatawa like fuck Almertdat women who were born Muslims and their religion have changed.

In one of the questions: “Is it permissible intercourse captive immediately after taking it ?, fatwa contained in the organization:” If she is a virgin, her master is entitled to have intercourse with her immediately after taking it, but if you were not well, you should wait until cleans her womb. ”

In another question: “Is it allowed to sell a captive?” Full: “It is allowed to buy and sell and give as a gift prisoners and slaves, because they just ownership, and can be disposed of as long as it does not cause harm or damage to the Islamic nation.” “Is it permissible to have intercourse captive did not reach the age of puberty,” given the organization: “intercourse which may not attained the age of puberty if they are valid for intercourse, but if you were not valid, fondled and enjoy it enough without intercourse.”

In response to the question: Is it permissible for a man to accept that the other nation was satisfied with its owner, the terrorist organization, said: “No man may kiss the other nation, because kissing enjoy, but may not enjoy the full King” PSC / h