Brazil’s new foreign minister: climate change Marxist conspiracy

Brazil’s new foreign minister: climate change Marxist conspiracy

Saturday 17 November 2018 7:46 pm

Brazils new foreign minister - climate change Marxist conspiracyBrazil’s new foreign minister, Ernesto Araujo, said talks on climate change were only a “Marxist conspiracy” aimed at sowing terror and hindering economic growth in Western countries in favor of China.

The scientists are ignoring figures that do not match their findings on global warming and an increase in the proportion of carbon dioxide ( CO2 ) in the atmosphere, The Independent newspaper quoted the new minister as saying in an article on his blog .

Araujo launched an attack on the leftist forces in the world, accusing it of exploiting the climate file more and more over the past two decades, culminating in the ideology of climate change.

The new minister blamed climate scientists for putting forward a “rigid doctrine” that serves to justify expanding government control over the economy, increasing the influence of international institutions at the expense of nation states and their peoples, and “stifling” economic growth in capitalist democracies and contributing to China’s growth.

The comments were apparently disappointed by the hopes of environmentalists in Brazil, who have repeatedly expressed their fears over the past few years about the troubling situation in the Amazon region and ignored the previous government.

The minister’s comments reflected a radical change in Brazil’s approach to climate change, with Brazilian diplomats already contributing to the Paris Convention to Combat Climate Change in 2015.

But Araujo’s appointment as foreign minister by left-wing President-elect Jaer Paulsonaro came in the course of US President Donald Trump’s approach, which last year announced the withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Convention.