Biden’s emergency on Iraq.. is out of coverage..!

Biden’s emergency on Iraq.. is out of coverage..!


Bidens emergency on Iraq.. is out of coverageAdel Al-Jubouri
Last week, US President Joe Biden issued a decree extending the national emergency regarding the situation in Iraq. According to the White House statement in this regard, “there are still obstacles that impede the orderly reconstruction in Iraq, and the restoration and preservation of security and peace, along with other obstacles that impede the development of political, administrative and economic institutions in the country. And that these obstacles still pose an extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of Iraq and the United States, and accordingly the Biden administration decided that it was necessary to continue the national emergency declared under Executive Order No. 13303 regarding the stability of Iraq.

For twenty years, the extension of the state of emergency regarding Iraq has been a routine procedure used by successive US presidents to enter the White House.

There is no doubt and there is no dispute that there have been major changes that have occurred in the overall political, security, economic and social conditions in Iraq, especially in recent years, particularly after defeating the terrorist organization “ISIS” and declaring complete victory over it in the fall of 2017.

Iraq succeeded in overcoming the dangers of civil war and internal strife during the first years of the American occupation and thwarting the agendas of sowing sectarian strife, despite the huge number of difficulties it faced. He also succeeded in preserving the general framework of the new democratic political system, which international and regional powers wanted to overthrow and dismantle.

Perhaps this is one of the important facts that could not be ignored or overlooked.

The other fact that is no less important is that the bulk of the political, security, and economic problems, crises, and challenges that Iraq has faced during the past two decades, and even before them, were behind the United States of America. Especially with regard to fighting and confronting terrorist and Baathist takfiri groups and organizations, not to mention reforming and developing service sectors such as electricity, water, roads and hospitals.

The other fact is that Washington was and is still procrastinating in leaving Iraq and ending its military presence in it, despite the official, parliamentary and popular position demanding its exit. Not only that, but it is keen to control the vital Iraqi economic, financial and security joints, whether directly or indirectly.

There is no doubt that the extension of the state of emergency at a time when Iraq is witnessing a state of political and security stability and manifestations of an unprecedented reform movement in terms of fighting corruption and improving services reflects an American insistence on maintaining hegemony over Iraq, by clinging to previous readings, facts and data and ignoring the current facts and data. In order to justify its continued existence and its interventions. Otherwise, what state of emergency does a country need that has overcome sectarian strife, triumphed over terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, and now has an active presence in its regional environment and is considered a positive element, and in the end it has become part of the solutions after it was part of the problems?

Some say that this law allows the US president or, on a broader scale, the US administration to control Iraqi financial assets, move or send any additional military forces if he deems it necessary, and other things that revolve around those contents.

In other words, the law allows Washington to do whatever it wants, but in practice, can it?

In the past, this may have been available and possible for it, but conditions have changed and circumstances have changed a lot in Iraq, the region, and even on the global level, and America is no longer that global power that pulls all the strings, controls all the cards, and imposes its presence everywhere, but rather the rise of global and regional powers In addition to internal societal and economic problems and crises, it has made it recede and appear helpless in most cases, as well as losing the initiative and initiative.

All this and more shows that the law extending the state of emergency by Biden is as if he was playing outside the field or moving outside the scope of coverage!