Barzani: Kurdistan people prefer to starve to death that others remain under occupation

Barzani: Kurdistan people prefer to starve to death that others remain under occupation

Friday June 16, 2017 at 15:48 pm

Barzani - Kurdistan people prefer to starve to death that others remain under occupationBAGHDAD / Sky Press:

Criticized the President of the Kurdistan region Massoud Barzani on Friday what he called “international players” against self-determination referendum for independence from Iraq at a time when claiming its democracy, while expressing regret for giving priority to the higher interests of the values, ethics and humanitarian principles, sent a message to the world that the people of Kurdistan would prefer death starvation that others remain under occupation.

He said in an interview conducted with him, “Foreign Policy” magazine, the US, “We want this to be a referendum for independence, and this would help us to automatically solve many problems.”

He added that if you look at the case studies of other countries that followed independence, they all had to have its own internal problems. We did not wait for all these problems, and we will not wait for solutions to every problem before we decide we will Masirn referendum and then solve those other issues later. ”

He went Barzani, “We have worked a lot to maintain the unity of Iraq, and I classification of our relationship with Baghdad in two major phases. The first began with the establishment of Iraq after the First World War and lasted until 2003. The second phase in the relationship between Baghdad and Erbil began and lasted and lasted until now.”

He went on to say that “in the first stage, from 1920 until 2003, what is the share of the Kurds in the rule Iraq? Anfal campaign of chemical bombardment and the destruction of their villages and mass graves and genocide, which was a lot of Kurds from this time in its relations with Baghdad.”

Barzani went on by saying that “after 2003, what is the share of the Kurds? Kurdistan’s budget and lowered and did not abide by the Iraqi constitution. Therefore, our question for international players such as the United States and the other is: What should we do?”

He said, “We have worked hard to develop a constitution in Iraq could be a guarantor of the rights and duties all of us. We voted for this constitution. However, the Constitution stipulates that the unity of Iraq is obliged to implement the Constitution. So my question to them: Is the implementation of the Iraqi constitution? Of course not.”

He noted the President of the Kurdistan Region to that for this reason, from the point of view and reactions from international players, one of whom said he was against the referendum. They say that this is not a good time, or may create problems, “he persisting” Akhalvhm on these two points. It will not add to the problems. If this referendum does not happen, it will lead to further destabilization of the relationship, and to further instability in the region. We want to make this referendum in order to prevent instability. ”

He added Barzani that “if these international players against this referendum, and that means that they disagree with the values ​​and principles of democracy that express their own decisions for people about their fate,” noting that “if they stand against the referendum, it means they are against democracy.”

He expressed regret saying that “Unfortunately now, interests have the upper hand on the values, ethics and humanity in these relations.”

Barzani said that this is an important opportunity to draw a message to the world we prefer to starve to death than live under occupation and oppression of others. ”

Barzani noted that if I take this decision through a referendum, and the reactions are is isolated, our people die and they called this will be “glory” to the world that they killed our people starve just because they want to express their own destiny through democratic means. ”