Banks are packed with people. And employees colluding to sell dollar

Banks are packed with people. And employees colluding to sell dollar


See governmental and private banks in downtown Baghdad in the current queue of citizens who want to buy the dollar as the Central Bank controls, but the daily queues scene seems unhelpful to those NHS due to the monopoly of those banks and sell for $ complicit with it for profit.

Informed sources said «the future» Tuesday that dozens of people standing in long lines every day for private banks and private doors in Baghdad in the hope of obtaining the amount of dollars offered by these banks of citizens for conversion and disposal treatment or buying and other purposes, according to the Central Bank controls, adding that many people were waiting since early morning until after office hours, and only a few of them on what the dollar amount, while the rest are communicated back to come later because Out of stock.

The sources confirmed that the owners of some banks in collusion with some of their employees and others engaged in daily dollar amounts spent to achieve financial speculation or for purposes unknown.

However the parliamentary Financial Committee member revealed Attorney Haitham al-Jabburi, a mafia operating in the Government and private financial banks collect passports and quick profits. Al-jubouri said in a press statement that the cash distribution mechanism used by weak souls, they are not going to eligible citizens who questioned true resolution led to a mafia in some banks collected passports and bring quick profits daily, returned to this negative impact on monetary policy in dealing with the dollar.