Banker says the development of the financial sector has become more accessible

Banker says the development of the financial sector has become more accessible


said banking expert Wadih Alhantal the importance of working on the development of the banking sector and access its services to the global products that must be provided to the public beneficiaries, pointing out that the ways of development of the financial sector has become more affordable than before after the entry into force of the country from the provisions of Chapter VII. said Handal in an interview for the (morning) that the next stage requires work to create a banking sector developed is capable of handling stage economic recovery, noting that any development process requires a sector banker sophisticated offers sophisticated products do not cause confusion for the stages of action and implementation, where There is a link and Tsag between banking services and sophisticated mechanisms for implementation. pointed out that into force of the provisions of Chapter VII followed by stage draws international companies as well as international banks towards the country, which is the yard work and wide to attract banks and companies with rankings ahead of the global economy, which requests a trend real of the banking sector to work on the supply Systems advanced banking Genuine from international companies developed can not penetrate.

was the Iraqi Central Bank in collaboration with Microsoft’s global display during the past few weeks the importance of directed local banks towards banking systems Genuine non-porous by hackers specialists in this aspect. Was presented possibility Macrosowic to deal with Iraqi banks wishing to adopt such systems commensurate with the volume of work in the country. He said Handal: that local banks Mtelzma instructions central bank, especially in the detailed LBO, which announced the latest Bank of Assyria, it will arrive capital to 250 billion dinars during the period ahead.

noting that the bank began to phase implementation of the policy Alchorpenneknk which represents an electronic system developed customer can deal with all branches of the bank in different areas which fit the next phase where the fields of employment require flexibility in handling financial and prefer banking dealings with the bank’s branches where the presence fields of work.

He continued, saying: that the adoption of advanced systems require the adoption of the training curriculum promotes competencies of human and makes them able to apply These systems inside Iraq, and that the Bank adopted a new mechanism for the development of competencies working through training programs under the supervision of experts at an international level are able to create local expertise products offer international inside Iraq. said that disclosure and transparency in the work of banks are two things very important and Asanaan trust and communication between shareholders and يرفعان of the value of shares in the Iraqi market for securities and meeting Bank of the UNESCO annual systems under the supervision of the Iraqi Central Bank discussed the joints work in a transparent manner and was to disclose all stages of the work and verify the stagger and ordered foreign exchange and how to accomplish this service raised around many questions during the last period, but transparency and disclosure Binta success of the operation and its tracks.

increased, saying that the bank received the current year budget fortified and portfolio credit quality and financial indicators commensurate with the Central Bank in order to strengthen the network of bank branches and complete the projects we started the placing in 2012 in addition to the consolidation of trade relations with our customers in order to maintain a good location between private banks in the country, indicating that competition secret of the success of banking and بوبة the multiplicity of banking products, which prompted the bank to issue cards MasterCard to suit the various segments of customers that can be used all over the world also issued Service Mobile Bankink and to the continued sections banking services to individuals and companies expansion in the number and size of its services and increase the adoption of advanced systems base.