Banker: global banks to enter a partnership with the Iraqi

Between the Director of the Association of private banks Abdul Aziz Hassoun entry-known international banks for the purpose of sharing with Iraqi banks in the performance of its duties banking in the coming period.

The Goldfinch, according to the Agency (news): There is a great desire by the international banks to contract with the Iraqi banks in order to participate in its work and technology transfer, global banking to it, adding that negotiations are still ongoing with council departments, banking, and that the coming period will witness more than international bank involved with an Iraqi bank.

He added that all the indicators and the results released last year showed that the Iraqi banking sector began to develop and lead its work well, which is reflected in the budget, which increases continuously and achieve good returns through shares and shareholders.

The central bank has set a three-stage plan to raise banks’ capital to 213 million by June 2013 to stimulate lending at a time when Iraq is recovering from Chapter VII sanctions.

It is noteworthy that Iraq has seven banks owned by the state and 23 private banks, eight Islamic banks in particular, according to the site’s central bank, while dominated by the banking sector, banks, Rafidain and Rasheed, and the subject is currently restructuring to pay off debts that have accumulated after years of war and sanctions.