Bank Citibank Global: Iraq is our goal and see the biggest economic giant agonist

After the opening of his office in Baghdad .. Bank Citibank Global: Iraq is our goal and see the biggest economic giant agonist

Posted July 27, 2013

Bank Citibank Global: Iraq is our goal and see the biggest economic giant agonist[Follow-up – where]

Description Bank Citibank Global, which opened the end of June past Moktaba him in Baghdad, “that Iraq is the biggest goal” in the banking activities in the future.

Said مايانك Malik, Director of Citibank in Jordan and Iraq, in a press statement that “we look to Iraq as the next biggest target and we see in Iraq, preparing for the advancement of giant.”

Malik added, “We consider ourselves among the top candidates to work in Iraq, and we want to have the top priority.”

And that “the bank will initially serve existing customers, who are working within the energy companies operating in the fields of oil-rich,” adding, “but in the long term, the bank [multinational] will seek to move into the commercial banking business and services, despite the fact that no timetable has been put in place so far. ”

The Director of the Office of the Bank of Citibank Global said that “the bank holds high hopes for Iraq, which bank economists predict that Iraq has a population of 50 million people, the economy, worth about two thousand billion dollars by 2050.”

The head of the company [Citibank] Dance Avelanery had met Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki in the office of the latter in 24 of the last June after the opening of a branch of the company said, “We are determined to be partners in the development of Iraq and سنساعده in the promotion of its economy, stressing that there are companies many global unwilling to invest in Iraq, and we will be supportive of her, and pointed out that the opening of the company’s branch in Baghdad would be a prelude to open a branch shall be managed by the banking activities in Iraq. ”

It is noted that with the tens of millions of potential customers who have a few of them only bank accounts, Pat Iraq represents an ambitious target of banking institutions the world, especially that the Iraqis are looking forward now to banking services is greater than those available to them is that the old laws of the banking sector and the economic, and the majority banks controlled by the government, and weak infrastructure for this sector, in addition to a huge number of obstacles Other political Kalazmat, and the security situation, make the banking activity in the country is not guaranteed results for businessmen and foreign banks. ended.