Baghdadi outside Mosul and neutralize the heavy weapons for the safety of civilians

Coming Aaninoy: Baghdadi outside Mosul and neutralize the heavy weapons for the safety of civilians

2017/3/26 13:40

Baghdadi outside Mosul and neutralize the heavy weapons for the safety of civilians[Oan- follow – up]
revealed Qaij are coming Aaninoy operations, Lieutenant – General Abdul Amir Rashid Aarallah, for non – existence of a guerrilla leader Daesh terrorist, Abu Bakr al – Baghdadi within the city of Mosul.
He said Aarallah in a statement to [seventh day] Egyptian, published on Sunday that ” the information available to us that [al – Baghdadi] does not exist in the areas where we fight, and according to our intelligence it is located in the area of the island near the Syrian border, especially in areas that have not liberated and there is information that he says were injured after air strikes and moved to tenderness, and there is information that he says is hiding Balbaaj. ”
“This person [al – Baghdadi] does not represent us important, he has the full control of the land, and are fighting with him are doing so without the leadership and control of decentralization in the areas of fighting, and ended his role in this region.”
Aarallah pointed to the battle of Mosul , saying: We have forced us to neutralize many of our weapons, it is rare for the use of artillery or mortar, as well as aircraft resort very accurate strikes from the F-16, in order to ensure only hit the target, and not the deaths of civilians, that ‘s why fighters in city , both from the federal police or anti – terrorist forces are using personal weapons. ”
He stressed , ” It is rare that the use of heavy weapons, so as not to fall civilians, and for this reason has led to delay decisive in military operations, and despite the passage of a month have not achieved 50% of the right coast of the connector, because of those obstacles that prevent progress troops, because we We seek to maintain the infrastructure and citizens. ”
He noted that” there are advisers from the international coalition in Mosul operations, mostly from the United States, and there from Britain, and there are advisers Iranian with the popular crowd and are for the purpose of support. ”
And that” the coalition forces and the duty to provide air support , information and intelligence, training, and who is fighting on the ground and free zones are Iraqi forces in all denominations. ”
the commander of operations are coming Aaninoy that the ” popular crowd is a security institution, linked to General commander of the armed forces, and his fighters have the doctrine, and some of them are fighting without pay, ie , they volunteers next Watt Army, and had a significant role in previous battles, especially in Diyala, Salahuddin and Fallujah, and even battles in Mosul. ”
He explained , “we put the popular crowd in the western side of the conductor, has been able to cleanse four thousand square kilometers, and approximately more than 175 villages, and more importantly , this will enable them to cut off supplies to Daesh from Syria to Iraq, gorgeous and large Their work, they are a force to support the Iraqi army we are working with factions of the crowd to edit some areas, and control the roads between the right coast of Mosul and Tall Afar. ”
He continued , “The process of targeting and distort the role of the popular crowd forces are no new . What we want to say that all these people who are fighting in Mosul are Iraqis, their goal one, is the liberation of the province of Nineveh, and keep their parents in the county, and this is the main goal, and there is no goal else”.
He Yar God “regret over the past two years , I did not find any support from Arab forces or Arab countries on the ground, but we share the sessions of special forces in Jordan, or we send officers for training in Egypt, but real as support there is no support from the surrounding Iraq or the Arab countries Arab states in general. ”
He stressed , “We need engineering and weapons of deterrence weapon, the enemy weapon bomb wheels, we need elements in the engineering corps, to deal with booby – trapping Daesh buildings and roads, and two more two weapons Nanajhma, two engineering effort, and the weapons of resistance tanks in the face of mined operations , ” pointing out that “side the US has provided us with engineering equipment, the wheels to deal with packaging, and trained fighters to deal and have experience, have been training and equipping of our forces, particularly in the Army Corps of Engineers. ”
Emphasize that ” the army cut off the supply right between the coast and Tal Afar completely, and became isolated right coast permanently supply, and the popular crowd cut supply lines from Syria to fully Tal Afar, and that supply all external and internal Daesh were cut.”