Baghdadi in the grip of justice .. unexpected scenarios

Baghdadi in the grip of justice .. unexpected scenarios

3/14/2017 0:00

Baghdadi in the grip of justice - unexpected scenariosWASHINGTON / follow – up to the morning
brought to the Western media, especially American ones light these days on the fate of the leader of “Daesh” terrorist Ibrahim Awad al – Badri called “Abu Bakr al – Baghdadi , ” and his whereabouts.
Provided some foreign websites analyzes and scenarios expected in the event of a terrorist , “al – Baghdadi” in the grip of some of the Americans or their allies from the Syrian forces opposed to the regime of President Bashar al – Assad.
Among the favorite choices to Washington , according to one aide to US President Donald Trump is “setting leader” Daesh “iron cage in an orange suit and his trial before all the peoples of the world.”
US site , “Huffington Post” and the deployment of an expanded on the subject initiated by the introduction to a report in about one Iraqi media transfer that “Baghdadi” no longer exists in Mosul , which is now being edit Last areas, and he travels with fear and caution across the semi – desert area between Iraq and Syria.
In all cases, there is a hunt going on , it is useful to estimate what will happen with the terrorist Ibrahim Awad al – Badri, the leader of a gang of mass murder belonging to what it calls Trump Management “Radical terrorism”, as the famous John Batchelor US radio says in an article location , “Daily Beast” American.

Theater of war leaders
spoke site with Sebastian Gorka, Deputy Assistant to the President Trump on the possibility of the occurrence of the leader of “Daesh” -If Alih- been found in the hands of the American forces and their allies in the region, such as the Kurdish forces known as the “People’s Protection Units” Syrian.
Gorka was a question: “Do we want the terrorist al – Badri (named Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi) alive?”, He replied: “Contrary to the Obama administration, we will not criticize the leaders of the theater of war.” He added: ” I would not walk on the eight previous years approach, will leave those decisions on how to deal with the (target precious) to those who are on the front line .”

Iron Cage
then Deputy Assistant Trump talked about the potential of what will happen after the accident , “Badri” in captivity, compared to hunt down al – Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden , a nine – year assumptions, then kill him in 2011, and continued: “I’ve always said that if I own a option in the past 16 years , because it was better the emergence of Osama bin Laden in an orange suit in your dock in one of the federal courts, not only to the treasure of intelligence that could have been obtained from the investigation, but for the psychological aspect of the war as well, ( the leader of global terrorism) in the dock handcuffs from one of his waist chains, this was to be optional. ”

Historical evidence
says the famous Media Batchelor: It is consistent with this procedure – put the leader of “Daesh” in a cage – as do many of his colleagues, such as Michael Flahos historian at Johns Hopkins, which is comparable to some of the historical models that turned out empires condemnation of the outlaws and their followers process .
Killed openly
and adds Batchelor: “There were several other ways to deal with the outlaws, for example, it was a public execution sadistic right Rebel Scotsman William Wallace is the traditional answer to the rebellion warlords in the Middle Ages and Renaissance, even the Sun King, Louis XIV, the owner of the peak of civilization divine right of kings in Versailles, granting the right to torture and burn outlaws such as witches and blasphemers, but after dumping scandal to choke somewhat suffered by the George W. Bush administration, it is not likely to be exposed to the terrorist , “Badri” or aides to torture during their detention “.oiqdm American history as well as bleak models to handle constitutional power with those who had been considered a great threat to the civil system, such as the launch of Boston Corbett shot John Wilkes Booth besieged after his defeat and overcome it, or like killing Aloolgala leader called Paljoad runaway after his deception and surround .

Nuremberg trials
for Americans and new allies, represent the Nuremberg trials (1945-1949) a possible model of what can be done that have been arrested , “Badri” with thousands of his followers from the elements “Daesh.” Except that the reference to Nuremberg as a complete answer to deal with the mass murder can be misleading, as it confirms Andrew Nagorska author of “Nazi hunters”, that ” the Allies were shocked by the magnitude of the crimes and the number of killers , ” he explained Nagorska, “to kill millions, you need millions, or at least hundreds of thousands, and for this, the allies wanted to make the top Nazi leaders and some of those who ran the concentration camps a lesson to others, but there was no way to prosecute everyone, and quickly began the cold war. ” Something to the effect, that in the aftermath of the war (1945-1946), he was convicted Osoahm such as Martin Bormann and Joachim von Ribbentrop, was executed (in public is not), however, it enables thousands Alehtlrien who participated in the massacres to escape from the grip of justice, and with the beginning of the war cold in 1948, has become a comprehensive retribution solution is not practical, because of the absence of witnesses or death, or the investigation is completed, or consuming resources and geopolitical crises.

The fate of the leader of the {Daesh}
says Batchelor: “It is easy to assume that in case of arrest , ” Badri “and its leaders, and pushing back the crowds , ” Daesh, “Vsagar tens of thousands of murderers and their accomplices skins for thawing amid ongoing in the Middle East and Europe disorders, will become quiet Arab states confident of modern Islamic culture are only able to face the killers or their rehabilitation. ” He adds the US media: ” It is true that” Badri “called” Abu Bakr al – Baghdadi , “Almcefd in an orange suit behind the cage glass bulletproof on global television, will be presented to the United States and its allies political advantage for some time, but the rage killer who pays assassins will continue to be able to Islamists Alasrion moderates of victory. ”

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