Baghdad: creating conditions for international companies to invest in Iraq

Baghdad (newsletter). Baghdad renewed its call for international companies to invest in the capital Baghdad in the service sectors and urban.

The secretariat said in a statement received (News Agency) a copy of: the circumstances are for international companies to enter Iraq and implementation of reconstruction projects and construction investment, especially in infrastructure and housing projects.

The statement quoted the Mayor of Baghdad Abdul Hussain Al-murshidi agency as saying while meeting a delegation from USAID: that Iraq possessed legally for investment is the best in the region, provided a fertile environment for Arabic and international companies to work and implement projects in various sectors, especially after the great stability and improvement in the security situation in Baghdad and across Iraq cities and provinces.

He stated: that Iraq has seen great economic transformations and implementation of strategic projects, hundreds of urban services, with the participation of leading international companies.

Explained: that Iraq aspires to a greater role for global investment companies in the implementation of projects for investment in residential, recreational, commercial and service.