Baghdad and Washington are discussing the “normalization agreement” in Sinjar

Baghdad and Washington are discussing the “normalization agreement” in Sinjar

11/28/2020 17:08

Baghdad and Washington are discussing the normalization agreement in Sinjar[Baghdad-Where]
On Saturday, the Iraqi National Security Adviser, Qassem Al-Araji, discussed with the US ambassador in Baghdad the “Sinjar Agreement” to normalize the situation in the district.
A statement by Al-Araji’s office stated, “The latter received, in his office, the American ambassador in Baghdad, Matthew Toller, and during the meeting, they discussed the latest political and security developments in the region, and emphasized the importance of exchanging intelligence information, to eliminate what remained of the terrorist organization ISIS.”

According to the statement, the American ambassador stressed that “the United States of America looks forward to a strong and prosperous Iraq that positively affects its regional and international environment, expressing his hope that Iraq will take an active role in the security and stability of the region.”

Al-Araji also discussed with the US ambassador, according to the statement, “the humanitarian file, the Sinjar agreement, and the return of the displaced to their areas, after the Iraqi government prepared the reasons for their safe return.”

And Baghdad and Erbil reached Friday (last October 9), an agreement to normalize the situation in Sinjar, which provides for the administration of the judiciary in terms of administrative, security and service jointly.

And the new agreement will address the issue of duplication of administration, and Al-Kazemi stressed Baghdad’s keenness on Sinjar being free of armed groups, whether internal or from outside the country, in reference to the PKK.

Currently, there are two local governments for Sinjar, one of which was appointed by the federal government authorities, and the second is the elected government that operates from Dohuk Governorate.

The anti-Ankara Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has also formed a faction loyal to it there called the “Sinjar Protection Units” and receives salaries from the Iraqi government as a faction under the umbrella of the Popular Mobilization Forces.